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Dental veneers are a painless, aesthetic and permanent treatment where teeth are given a better appearance by modifying size, color and shape, mainly the anterior sector.


During this procedure, minimal intervention is made on the structure of the tooth in order to properly place the veneer.


Dental crowns are also a painless, aesthetic and permanent treatment where it is possible to give a better appearance to the teeth, a better structure and alignment.


Most of the time this treatment is used because the natural tooth has undergone a large filling, avoiding the fracture of a tooth or changing its aesthetic appearance due to its shape, color or position.


These treatments offer great advantages because being permanent, your tooth will be protected without having to constantly wear out, you will obtain a balanced bite, it will allow you to have good hygiene and it will give you a new appearance of health and facial rejuvenation.


Thanks to the technology and high quality of the materials we use, you will be able to obtain great results in a few days (approximately 3 to 5 days).


The materials we use to manufacture the pieces are porcelain, lithium disilicate and zirconia, these materials provide high resistance, great longevity and natural appearance since the color will not look pigmented over time and are chosen by our specialists in a personalized way .


We have our own laboratory and the best Cerec Cad / Cam technology to provide you with comfort and efficiency during treatment.


Which includes a device that allows us to scan the necessary teeth in 3D and design the new pieces immediately, later they are printed on a 3D milling machine, finally to achieve a piece adapted to your needs, our dental technicians together with our prosthetic specialists finalize the color finish and small details manually.