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Our surgeon, Dr. Esteban Barragán has more than 15 years of experience and has placed at least 2,000 implants during the last years.


Each treatment is different because we´re sure each patient has special needs to have a healthy and natural smile.


Dental Implants are known as the best treatment for dental restoration with patients that are missing teeth or will need extractions. Dental implants will let you have a natural smile with a strong bite.


This treatment is a permanent solution because it is not removable so you will enjoy speaking, laughing and eating everything you want without worries about thinking they will fall at any moment.


We use premium brands of titanium Dental Implants which are corrosion resistant and biocompatible, have the inherent ability to osseointegrate, where new bone is laid down directly on the implant surface. This makes for a very stable bond between the implant and surrounding bone.


After a complete  x-ray evaluation made with our X Kodak 9000C where we will take panoramic x-ray and CT Scans, we offer a 3D guide for the implants placement.


This technology lets us know how your bone quality is and also know the nerves position and where we need to place the implant.


The surgeon Will have enough time to show you the x-rays, explain the treatment and solve all the questions you may have.


Your surgery will be successful because everything will be carefully planned.