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The orthodontic specialty is in charge of the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of anomalies in form, position, relationship and function of the dentomaxillofacial structure.


Orthodontic treatment can move a tooth located in an abnormal position to its correct position, correct rotations and inclinations because if the teeth are not aligned correctly, cavities, gum disease and problems in the jaw joints can appear.


Currently there are different types of orthodontics that provide the opportunity to decide which one we feel most comfortable with during this procedure.


Some of the treatments used by our specialists are:


- Invisalign


- Self-ligating brackets


- Sapphire Brackets


- Metal braces


In some cases these treatments can be accompanied by fixed retainers, removable retainers, micro screws, expanders or spacers.


The diagnosis includes a series of radiographs and facial photographs to detect the case to be developed and obtain an adequate personalized treatment plan, knowing from the beginning the movements necessary to achieve the desired objective and guarantee optimal results.