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Pediatric dental care is of the utmost importance to promote the correct development of your children since from newborns, before the baby teeth appear, it is important to clean the gums with gauze to eliminate any bacteria in the mouth.


Once the minors begin with the eruption of milk teeth, a habit of dental hygiene at home can be created that is fun and comfortable for children, inculcating tooth brushing 3 times a day and later the use of dental floss.


The oral health of a child must be guided by a specialist in pediatric dentistry because with so many products that exist today on the market, each patient needs adequate care depending on their needs and development.


The pediatric dentist can perform dental prophylaxis with professional materials that help remove any bacteria that are difficult to remove during regular brushing.


You will also be constantly vigilant to avoid and detect dental cavities early or by detecting in advance any abnormality in the shape, position, relationship and function of the dentomaxillofacial structure, executing some appropriate and personalized treatment for its correction.


Other treatments that our specialist in pediatric dentistry can perform are:


- Prophylaxis


- Sealants


- Resins


- Flat tracks


- Aligners


- Pulpotomy


- Pulpectomy


- Dental crown


All treatments are painless and in an atmosphere of tranquility and fun so that patients feel comfortable in the consultation, for this, different techniques are used with games between the patient, the specialist and the parents.