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For years, scientific studies have shown that the use of metals in our body, mainly in the mouth, is harmful to health.


The oral cavity is of great importance for human health since it is the first level of our digestive system.


At Bokanova Dental Center we are aware of this and committed to offering you the best options guaranteeing your health, that is why we do not use metals to make your dental pieces and all the products used are of high quality recognized by the FDA, EMEA, MHRA, AFSSAPS and COFEPRIS.


To make dental veneers or crowns we use porcelain and / or zirconia, both materials provide high resistance, great longevity and natural appearance since the color will not appear pigmented over time and is chosen by our specialists in a personalized way


For the removal of amalgams we have international protocols to avoid inhalation or ingestion of the material to be removed and it is replaced by composite resin, which does not contain metals, is resistant and has the natural color of your tooth.