About Us

More than 42 years of experience as a family clinic, specialized personnel, international continuing education, innovation and research, have placed us among the best dental clinics in Mexico and the world.


Serving more than 1,500 national and foreign patients per year, Bokanova Dental Center is the best alternative that offers the most recent innovations in the field of dentistry throughout the world with the reliable experience of our internationally trained team.


All our treatments are performed with top quality materials and technology under standardized protocols, to guarantee excellence in diagnosis and treatment; hygiene and sterilization are elementary standards for us.

Our protocols are under the standards of CE, OSHA, ADA, and a deep commitment to the ISO 9002: 2008 standard.


By having high technology in software and equipment we can provide excellent results in a short period of days (7- 15 days), which will allow you to enjoy incredible vacations while we create the smile of your dreams.


Our teamwork and the good working relationship with all the staff has made our patients feel calm about returning year after year for their routine dental treatments since they know that they will always get a quick response to their request or questions, as well as the best solution to your needs.


Our entire team is bilingual, there will be no communication problems and from the first contact we will be able to know what results you want to obtain. During the consultation, the doctors will explain the treatment options in detail and will be able to answer all your questions. It will be a pleasure to be part of your smile.


We have all the specialties in the clinic to provide you with greater comfort without having to move from one place to another. The most common treatments that you can perform in the clinic are:


-Dental cleaning

-Teeth whitening


-Smile design



-Dental implants

-Prosthesis on Implants

-Denture All on 4

-Denture All on 6

-Removable prosthesis


-Bone graft

-Gum graft

-Sinus lift




-Pediatric dentistry


We understand that some patients do not feel comfortable going to the dentist and for surgical treatments we have conscious sedation if necessary.


In the same way, to give you greater peace of mind, all our works have a guarantee.